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 Shivayah - Paladin

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PostSubject: Shivayah - Paladin   Thu Sep 24, 2009 6:08 pm

Character Name


- Female belf Wink

Current Gear/Armory

WoW Experience
- Started on this very same server 3 years ago, my main back the was a warlock called Dastonah, my other chars were Bostah(mage), Bombah(rogue), Chillah(druid).
Atm i have 4x80 but only playing shivayah seriously due to lack of "free time". First 1.5years of my wow i was all around guy, and a member of halla (used to be gud finnish raiding guild ), after it broke i started pvp, and have done it ever since.
I have experienced 2.3k arena and yeah thats my highest, but everyday keep pushing to learn more and become better Smile
Played ret/rogue/priest last season (with keanue and gharb) and we would at least had duelist if we just played the 2 last weeks, but things went somehow F***D up.

I have 6/1 connection, and i used to play with 100-250 latency, but then i tried this program called Fasterping and now my ms is stable 40-max80 at all times Smile

Familiar faces in the Blacklisted:Well i know all the old dudes on our server, Xawee/draque/aldon/aruk/saske yada yada alot of ye guys Very Happy

Reasons to join: Well, i was in Realmwalkers when kaile quitted, then Aruk hopped in and made this Kill theory, ive enjoyed being in the guild with the pros n stuff, but then u guys made this Blacklisted and ever since ive logged in into a empty guild Sad
I only do PvP and i like to chat bout it, too bad atm its impossible cuz theres no one in the guild Very Happy
Also i want to be in competive guild, not in those so called *were goin to be the best pvp guild* who just invs anyone saying theyre pvp heroes.
I also respect the rules of the realm, rp policy etc, sometimes i may slip an ooc word, but hey dont we all Very Happy?
So take me, ima good choice and u wont have to shame cuz im wearing em tags of Blacklisted.
OH and the final reason, Teh name kicks ass Razz

Additional Information
Uhm, My name is Jonas , and i live in finland, im 22 i live with my wife n 3 years old daughter.(i has a dog too, i know how interested u ppl really are bout these "additional infos" Very Happy)
I tend to play everyday at least a moment if possible.

Oh oh! kicked aldon's n draques teams asses in 2s today Smile other team twice even Razz

Peace out, let me in ! afro
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PostSubject: Re: Shivayah - Paladin   Thu Sep 24, 2009 6:47 pm

You forgot to mention your idol itself, Kayen.

But its okay, accepted for trial. Whisper Xawee for invite in-game.
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Shivayah - Paladin
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