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 Snakebíte - Retri Paladin

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PostSubject: Snakebíte - Retri Paladin   Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:56 pm

Character name: Snakebíte -

Class: Paladin

Race: Blood Elf

WoW experience: Started playing WoW in TBC beginning. Did casual arena as holy in S2-S4, up to 1.8k so nothing special. Didn't know a shit about competetive arena back then.
Started playing serious arena in the beginning of WotLK. Reached 2.4k in both S5-S6 in 2v2 as Ret/Rogue. Fucked up the rating in final week of s5 and stayed a rival, sup. Partner ragequitted in s6 to boost an irl friend of his. Highest rating ever: 2435 (2v2). Played random cleaves up to 2.1k or so throughout s5-s6.(including Heihatsi, best warrior EU yo) Haven't yet found a decent 5v5 on this realm.

Currently I'd say I'm inactive with arena season 7. Got 4.2k arena points and only 1 relentless item. It's time to fix that.

Network: 8Mbit/1Mbit - 40-90 latency

Who I know in Blacklisted:

Thassel aka Tharysia: one of the few people who had a clue about class mechanics on Alliance.
Kayen: The ret hero, thanks for all the info and theorycrafting so far. - Edit: Duh, seems like he's not in BL anymore.
Cloria: Idling outside Durotar as much as in Elwynn back on Alliance Surprised

Familiar faces all around. Think I've met a lot of you back in the previous seasons in 2v2 or while idling on the horde side. Also reading AJ actively.

Reasons to join:

I'm a PvP junkie, a BG addict and I know a great deal about class mechanics. Hence I FCed to horde to find some better teammates for arena and PvP in general. Ended up in a guild full of dutch keyboard turners who couldn't break 1,6k. That wasn't quite my intention. I'm hoping to get in Blacklisted to find skilled arena partners, good community and getting higher experience on 3s and 5s. Basically Blacklisted is the only guild to be taken seriously when talking about high-end PvP on Defias.

Who am I?

18-year-old guy from Finland, a PC gamer geek. I'm quite patient and friendly but tend to frustrate sometimes. (for example losing sprees in arena). I also speak English quite well.

Additional info: I was Alliance before and have migrated a few times: Grim Batol->Vek'nilash->DB Alliance->DB Horde

I'll be up for WPvP, BGs almost always. (I know you have some members interested in that part of PvP too.)
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PostSubject: Re: Snakebíte - Retri Paladin   Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:41 am

accepted, whisper for invite
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Snakebíte - Retri Paladin
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