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 Trendy - frosty-arcane mage

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PostSubject: Trendy - frosty-arcane mage   Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:44 pm

Character Name
- Trendy

- Mage

- Troll (female ofc)

Current Gear/Armory
- Actually it sucks. I've dinged 80 some days ago.
That's my main instead: (got both pvp feral and resto gear)

WoW Experience
- Started playing wow with a warlock, but my first lvl 70 has been a rogue. Immediately I run arena during s2, then played this mage (ally side), an hunter and the druid. Then, I took that last one to lvl 80 and had arena with that till now. Now I'm getting bored of that, so I wanna play my mage.
I've got a warlock and a DK at lvl 80 on this server as well, ally side. Never played them so much.

Reason to Join
- I'd like to find good players for arena in your guild. And on defias there aren't better choices that this.

About myself
-i am 18 years old from Italy, my name is Yuri and I'm going to study Maths at the University. Friendly, social, but also with a huge ego in all spects of my life. Accepting any kind of critisism if that's gonna make me a better person/gamer. (Copied that part from Gorthurz's apply. it's exactly me personality as well Razz)

Network and PC:
Good one. Fast and with low latency (usually 50-100). 29 fps in Dalaran.

Thank you in the while Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Trendy - frosty-arcane mage   Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:11 pm

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Trendy - frosty-arcane mage
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