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 Hunter from hellscream server

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PostSubject: Hunter from hellscream server   Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:09 am

Character Name


-Dwarf (going for BE or Troll if accepted/migrated)

Current Gear/Armoryùrz

WoW Experience
-Started since the very beggining at Hellscream, playing pvp since then on top premade teams
with feral,mage,warrior and shammy at diferent servers like TArren mill, Nodrassil and Twilight's
Hammer. At wotlk went back to hellscream and my RL's m8s guild. At arena i have gone 2k branket at s1/s2/s3
with my feral, playing with enhancement after aint get me anywhere. I recently started PvPing
at hellscream trying to find pvpers at my server. the task was a failure. few really good ppl playing
and many went horde, PvEing isnt that challenging for me anymore, having done most of the current content.

Reason to Join
-As i said above at my realm pvp is a failure, cant find suitable combo/players and i am tired trying.
I am looking for a PvP guild long time and i recently found you through arenajunkies. i WAs suprised that
u are on Defias cause i always wanted to play at this server cause ppl say is the best RPPvP server.
I like PvP the most and also i want to try RP. Also want to give my full attention on arena and get better
and better. Your PvP guild seems perfect and i would really like to be a part of ur community for long time.
I know i dont fullfill many of the criteria, but i can assure you that if you try me u wont get disapointed
of how fast i can be 100%.

About myself
-i am 25 years old from Greece, my name is Andreas and recently i do my military service and got a lot
of free time every day;). Friendly, social, but also with a huge ego in all spects of my life. Accepting
any kind of critisism if that's gonna make me a better person/gamer.

The best possible for greece, latency from 80 to 250. my server got a lot of lag tho so maybe at yours would
be even better.

Last min Words
-Dedicated to the limit, would be an honor being a member of your guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter from hellscream server   Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:23 am

accepted, whisper Xawette or Xawee for invite once you arrive.
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Hunter from hellscream server
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