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 Verashaan - Priest

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PostSubject: Verashaan - Priest   Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:17 pm

Character Name


About specs
So far been disc only in arenas, hoping to be able to play a viable shadow comp some day.
My main spec is offensive disc with smite glyph. Suits RMP the best in my opinion and in some others' opinions as well. My second spec is currently pvp shadow, just for BGs, as I don't need 2 disc specs at the moment.


Current Gear
(Also, t2 staff next week)

WoW Experience
Always been on Defias, dinged my priest 70 in the end of s2, went disc in the beginning of s3 as I could swap my spell damage gear for the healing power gear with honor starting from s3. Did several 2k+'s playing lock/disc and rog/disc. Partners I successfully played with always ended up quitting or migrating elsewhere. S4 was a bit more silent, ofc the old 2k+'s kept popping but never reached 2.2k. I mostly played 3s with Bufu and Môurn (RMP). For s5, I leveled my DK to 80 first and played 2v2 with him to about 2k. Got bored with the DK and leveled my priest to 80, the end of s5 went mostly in gearing myself. The beginning of s6 still went for gearing myself, also geared up Shivayah as he had dinged it 80 recently. in the end of s6 I had played RMP with Ledizor and Dialetheia, reaching a 2.2kish rating. S7 has been the same RMP to me, currently sitting at 2250 and just trying to make it safe for the t2 wep. Will play RRP with Shivayah and Ledizor later and seeing if it works out better than RMP (I have my doubts but we'll try), if not, will stick to something else, most likely the old RMP. At least we have a stable uphill in rating with it. As for raiding, never been in a raid guild, and most likely never will be. I've done some pugs necessary for gear (mostly on alts, priest doesn't really require pve gear for pvp) but that's about it for my pve.

Nothing to complain about, latency below 100 is enough to fake heals properly Razz.
And to SWD sheeps! Smile

Who do I know from Blacklisted?
All the people who were in Kill Theory, also some familiar people like Draque, Aldon, Xawe etc.

Reasons to join
Was in Realmwalkers for almost my whole endgame career before it died, then joined Kill Theory, now it's dead, need a large pvp guild to fill the spot in my heart :<<. Also it has the most pro players on the server and from the guilds on Defias this one seems like the most suitable for my needs.

Additional Information
My name is Aleksi, I live in Lieto, Finland. I'm 17 years old, got some hobbies like tennis and air pistol shooting, also playing drums. But I saw the caregoggles already so I'll stop now.
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PostSubject: Re: Verashaan - Priest   Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:19 pm

Declining for now after discussing with other officers.
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Verashaan - Priest
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