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 Baldsaz - Warrior

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PostSubject: Baldsaz - Warrior   Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:48 pm

Hello all I`m Baldsaz (Fjols / Smokie)




WoW experience:I´ve played since vanilla wow back then I did alot of pve but later I´ve gotten more interest for the pvp aspect of the game.
I´ve been gladiator with my warlock in S2 and rerolled warrior in S3 and got like 2300-2400 since S3...

People I know: Dangen(have been raiding with him CoX, until we both left because of shit officers. with my druid, Smokie), Jenspro, Zyros and new accepted Arenti (IRL friend).

Communication: I got a working mic, vent etc.

Irl Info:My name is Rasmus i´m 19 years old from Denmark I´m a student on my last year, besides wow is football what I´m using most of my sparetime on.

If you got any question feel free to ask....
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PostSubject: Re: Baldsaz - Warrior   Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:54 am

Declined for now sorry, might consider the application at a later date though!
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Baldsaz - Warrior
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