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 Steélmane - Warrior

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PostSubject: Steélmane - Warrior   Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:49 am

Character Name


Male Tauren!

Current Gear/Armoryélmane

WoW Experience
Started playing WoW 2 years ago, on Zenedar as a Nelf huntard ( ye i know!) . and was soon i moved to DB and started leveling up my warrior, which i dropped later at 70 for my rogue. Eventually rogue bored me and i went back to this furry animal and started playing arena for the 1st time in S4, managed to get Rival in the end but felt i could get much higher. Few months into WotlK i quit the game and focussed on RL stuff, I came back recently at the end of S6 and started playing arenas again (H). So far my highest rating is 2070, not amazing but i have never had the time to get the gear of the current season : / this will change this season though Very Happy. Currently playing with Wiggum in 2s and with Wiggum and Nnoitra in 3s, will be playing with Castelyn next week.

Good connection around 100 ms, still end up cycloned with SR up -_-

Familiar faces in the Blacklisted: Know most of u guys, Xawee and Kayen from TBC ( Kayen also had this movie Retlol or something?) sewah (<3) celasi castelyn and i duel draque alot :p also pushing Illu to make a pvp movie

Reasons to join: Im currently in Menace, but this guild doesnt have the right PvPers im looking for, this is why i woud join what u coud call the best PvP guild on the realm. Hoping to meet some interesting new people and learn even more about my lovely warrior class. And ofcourse to enjoy my WoW time!

Additional Information
Uh my 1st name is Bastiaan 17 y/o go to school work at supermarket and i take good care of my dog, love to party and hosting a "Drink afternoon" @ my place each friday! :p
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PostSubject: Re: Steélmane - Warrior   Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:19 pm

Declined for now, will see how it goes in near future in the arena with Castelyn and so on.
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Steélmane - Warrior
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